About us

Our vision is to provide the opportunity and environment for amateur players to learn and play football in a manner that helps them develop their skills and foster a life long love of the game.

SF4L is based in Dallas, TX and is actively supporting DFW area youth football programs along with youth programs in California, Virginia, and places in between. Many youth football organizations have to make sacrifices due to budget limitations. In many cases, those sacrifices put the players at a competitive disadvantage and/or jeopardize player safety. With your support, we will continue to enrich the playing experience of youth football players all over this nation!




Our mission is to support youth football programs with equipment and resources that will allow them to be competitive, stay on the cutting edge of technology, and improve player safety.

Below  are examples of services that SF4L offers to youth football programs:

-   Required Protective Equipment: Certified helmets, shoulder pads, mouthpieces, chin straps, hip pads, thigh pads, knee pads, cleats, practice apparel, game day uniforms, etc.

-   Optional Safety Equipment: Knee braces, ankle braces, soft shell helmets, soft shell vest, rib protectors, back plates, gloves, helmet re-certification, helmet reconditioning, concussion diagnosis equipment, concussion treatment equipment, etc.

-   Operational Equipment: Footballs, practice equipment, film review equipment, game day equipment, etc.

Facilities Equipment: Field maintenance equipment, storage equipment, etc.

- Development: Training sessions, fundamental camps, coaching staff development and support, etc.

- Recovery Services: Cryotherapy sessions, cold compression sleeve treatments, yoga sessions, etc.